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GRUPO SONDAR began in 1998 with the creation of Sondar - Amostragens e Tecnologias do Ar, Lda, the first private laboratory to supply gaseous emissions monitoring services in Portugal.

As the laboratory reputation and portfolio increased, we were capable of investing and growing in a sustainably way, to fully satisfy the requirements of clients and services provided.

In 2001 SondarLab – Laboratório de Qualidade do Ar, Lda was created, thus beginning the expansion of a group that is currently made of 6 (six) companies. SONDARLAB came to offer complementary services to SONDAR, focusing primarily on Ambient and Indoor Air Quality control, specifically in worker exposure on the field of Safety and Health at Work.

In 2014 ISQ – Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade, one of the most important Portuguese private corporations, in metrics, quality, training, and technology, acquired 50% of GRUPO SONDAR, thus making SONDAR (currently named SONDAR.i) and SONDARLAB, subsidiaries of ISQ.


In 2000 SONDAR became the first Portuguese private laboratory to be accredited by the "EN ISO/IEC 10725 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories" standard, making it the current market leader of the air monitoring field in Portugal.

SONDAR is a member of the "CT-71 – Comissão Técnica de Normalização – Qualidade do Ar, SC1 – Fontes Fixas" (Technical Standardization Committee for Air Quality, Subcommittee Stationary Sources). This committee is part of the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).

SONDAR is also a member of the technical committee of RELACRE "CTR01 – Garantia da Qualidade nos Laboratórios" (Quality Assurance in Laboratories).

Methods and Quality Assurances

Measurement methods used by SONDAR have been perfected over the years through field experience and continuous research, to optimize the laboratory performance.

The systematic analysis and re-evaluation of procedures, through a continual improvement process, enables SONDAR to achieve precise and representative results in an effective and economically viable way.

Most of our technical staff has higher qualifications, and goes through specialized training when joining the company.

This training, together with duly validated and calibrated state-of-the-art equipment, make our results and test procedures have a high degree of quality.

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